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Jeffrey Kaplan

Expertise You Can Rely On...

Jeffrey Kaplan

Senior Account Executive 

With over 30 years of experience at Morgan Stanley, Jeffrey Kaplan has honed his expertise in providing sophisticated financial planning advice to high-net-worth individuals. His comprehensive services encompassed everything from crafting net worth statements to designing effective estate plans. Jeffrey's skill set includes:


- Net worth statement creation

- Budget and cash flow planning

- Debt management strategies

- Retirement planning

- Emergency fund establishment

- Insurance coverage assessment

- Estate planning implementation


During his tenure at Morgan Stanley, Jeffrey excelled in making dynamic presentations to clients, adjusting plans in real-time based on their preferences. His ability to tailor strategies effectively ensured client satisfaction and long-term financial success.


Following a brief retirement, Jeffrey sought a new career path that would leverage his extensive skill set. After careful consideration, he found his calling in the private money lending sector. Recognizing the challenging yet rewarding environment, he embraced the opportunity to utilize his sales acumen and financial knowledge to the fullest.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Jeffrey is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. His passion for adventure complements his dedication to excellence in financial services.



- Master of Business Administration, St John's University

- Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University



- Certified Financial Planner

- Certified Retirement Planning Specialist


Jeffrey Kaplan's blend of financial expertise, client-centric approach, and commitment to continuous improvement make him a valuable asset to Alpha Tech Lending and its clients.


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