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Michael Assini

Expertise You Can Rely On...

Michael Assini

Senior Account Executive

With a background in financial planning, I've made the decision to transition into the private lending industry. My role involves collaborating with real estate investors, ensuring a seamless loan process to secure funding for their ventures. I've had the privilege of assisting both novice and seasoned investors, aiming to provide valuable market insights and education to support their endeavors.

Each customer and referral I receive holds immense value to me. My vision extends beyond mere business growth; I aspire to nurture Alpha Tech Lending into a tight-knit family, fostering mutual success and prosperity.


We understand that projects are complicated and that the lending process can be confusing. To solve that, we provide timely feedback, the perfect loan for every project, transparent terms, and professional support to make every project successful.

Quick Pre-Approval

Our Loan Programs

Fix & Flip Financing

When it comes to transforming distressed properties into lucrative real estate assets, you need a financial partner who understands your vision. We empower real estate investors to conquer the world of fix and flip.

Fix & Flip

Same Day Approval

Approval in 24-hours, close in 7 days or less with Alpha Tech Lending.


Pros working for pros. Partner with experienced lenders & project managers.

Direct Private Lender

Alpha support from application through to your project completion.

Full-Service Support

Underwriting, draws, inspections, and servicing all handled in-house.

Transparent & Trusted

No hidden fees or surprises at Alpha Tech Lending, what you see is what you get.

Quick & Easy

Streamlined application process. Let us walk you through every step.

Where we lend...

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