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Benefits of Smart Home Appliances in Multifamily Properties

Updated: Apr 30

Benefits of Smart Home Appliances in Multifamily Properties

Today, smart home appliances are used to simplify daily activities for homeowners. This is done by designing homes using the latest technology, including mobile access control, smart locks, etc. There is no doubt that this smart technology will reshape everything about the multifamily landscape. 

Generally, smart home appliances refer to those technologies that help to improve residential life. They are also known as smart home technology and can easily be seen in a multifamily home. 

You can easily get a multifamily property with smart appliances without investing in hefty infrastructure. All you really need is a strong Wi-Fi connection that connects all smart devices without any interruption. 

Benefits of Smart Home Appliances for Multifamily Properties 

There are numerous reasons why property owners should use smart home appliances in their multifamily property. With the demand for smart homes rapidly on the increase, its benefits include the following:

1. It ensures the safety of residents

By implementing smart locks, sensors, smart intercoms, etc., you will increase the safety of residents in a multifamily home. Homeowners can now use the keyless entry system and video camera to confirm who enters and leaves their property, even without physical interaction. Some multifamily properties also have occupancy data and amenity space reservations to ensure residents are safe without overcrowding. Moreover, this is one of the best ways to ensure residents maintain social distancing and remain healthy even during flu season. 

2. It improves resident's experience 

Today the renter population consists mainly of Gen Z and millennials. Both of these demographics were surrounded by technology from infancy or growing up during the dot-com boom. With the growing demand for renters to have tech-powered amenities, implementing technology in your building is best for improving its experience. Moreover, with smartphones, life has been simplified. With smartphones, you can carry your credit card, car key, means of identification, etc., along with you. This is possible using the access control system that allows you to have access to your home without carrying access fobs, key fobs, keys, etc. 

3. It helps to reduce operating costs

Generally, it costs more to attract a new resident than it costs to retain one. With smart appliances, you not only get to streamline building management but also lower the cost of operation. This will make it easy for multifamily residents to renew their leases. Moreover, smart appliances help to reduce the cost of marketing and prevent lost rent payments. 

4. It promotes remote property management 

One of the best and excellent ways to invest in smart appliances for your multifamily property is to choose a smart device that can integrate easily with your property management software. This will help in managing and viewing residents' information, building an automatic setting, and maintaining requests all at once. 

Smart appliances like home automation also allow you to detect any malfunction in your device so you can fix it in real time. Now residents won't have to wait for you to come in person to fix a problem or provide assistance whenever they are locked out. Thankfully, cloud-based technology allows you to manage things remotely and faster than you will in person. 

Top Smart Appliances for Multifamily Properties 

The growing demand for smart appliances for multi family homes has led to the endless invention of different smart technology that promotes security and convenience. Below are a few smart appliances every multifamily home needs. 

1. Keypad access control

With a keypad access control system in your multifamily property, residents don't have to worry about forgetting anything else while leaving the house as long as they have their smartphones. Using these smartphones, residents will only need a tap or PIN code when opening the door to spaces within the building. It also allows residents to remotely grant their guest access to their homes.

2. Video intercom system 

The video intercom system promoted a convenient and keyless entry into the building. Here residents have a unique PIN code and a smartphone that allows them to enter the property. This is one of the best devices for promoting security because residents get to have a visual representation of anyone requesting access to their home. 

It is also designed to prevent package theft and other criminal activities. Ensure that you select an intercom that takes a photo of everyone that wants to access your home so you can review it when necessary. 

3. Smart blinds and thermostats 

Smart thermostats are designed to control the temperature of a smart appliance. While the smart thermostat helps to control the AC and heating, the smart blind helps to control the amount of sunlight that comes into the building. With smart blinds and thermostats, residents can control the temperature in their flats even when they are not home. With these smart appliances, you will ensure that the temperature in your home remains comfortable for your pets when you are not home. You can also adjust the temperature to suit you before getting back home. 

4. Smart outlets and lights 

With automated smart outlets and lights, residents can control lights and plugged-in appliances from anywhere. This device is designed to allow residents to program when to turn on and off the light in their room, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. There are also smart controllers with features like energy usage alerts and voice commands. 

5. Self-guided tour platform

This platform is designed for prospective homeowners that prefer to view units and properties on their own time. The self-guided tour platform promotes touring efficiency, and the amount of you provided even without the property staff being present physically. 


As a multifamily property owner, you need smart appliances to attract the right prospect and retain current residents. Moreover, smart homes promote secure and energy-efficient buildings that are beneficial to the environment. 

It is an important step for anyone that wants to certify their property as green. With the improvement of technology, smart homes are here to stay, simplify, and streamline apartment living. 

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
May 15

Thanx to our Locksmith Gastonia NC company for recommending and installing smart home appliances in our properties. It's added value and appeals to our rental units.

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