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The Alpha Promise

Alpha Tech Lending was formed to help real estate investors, brokers, and referral partners to get immediate access to direct capital in an easy and affordable way. We understand that projects are complicated and that the lending process can be confusing. To solve that, we provide timely feedback, the perfect loan for every project, transparent terms, and professional support to make every project successful.

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Pros working for pros!

Building Strong Relationships and Delivering Results

Alpha Tech Lending, with over five decades of combined experience, is a trusted lender that prioritizes enduring relationships. Our in-house underwriting and approval process ensures swift project review, approval, and funding, allowing borrowers to move forward promptly.

Expertise You Can Rely On:
The Alpha Advantage

Alpha Tech Lending boasts a seasoned team with diverse backgrounds, including lending, project management, contracting, and entrepreneurship. Our deep understanding of investor needs translates into a proactive approach, making us professionals working for professionals.

Investing in Excellence:
A Culture of Improvement

Alpha Tech Lending continuously invests in operational enhancements and technology to better serve their clients. We value feedback from borrowers and collaborate closely to achieve optimal results. This commitment has resulted in an impressive 50% to 70% repeat business rate.

Success Through Collaboration:
Building Lasting Partnerships

Alpha Tech Lending thrives in a fast-paced industry by fostering collaboration between their staff and borrowers. Understanding the genuine needs and goals of their clients is at the core of their success, resulting in strong, lasting partnerships and satisfied repeat customers.

Where we lend...

The Leading Lender for Real Estate Investors

As a successful lender with over 50 years of combined experience, Alpha Tech Lending believes in building strong and lasting relationships. We underwrite and approve loans in-house and our team works quickly to immediately review, approve, and fund projects.

Once projects begin, Alpha brings years of lending and project management experience to every partnership. We offer a seasoned team with rich experience as lenders, borrowers, project managers, general contractors, and entrepreneurs. We know what investors need when they need it. We are pros working for pros and we welcome the opportunity to earn your next project while helping your business grow.

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